Virtually all professional athletes and people who are successful in business have coaches and mentors. Therefore, seeking a coach or mentor to assist you in managing a healthy weight shouldn’t be any different. If you have read the book, but would still like to have some one-on-one time with Robert, then coaching is the answer.

Instead of using typical methods of lifestyle or wellness coaching, Robert coaches from an entirely spiritual platform, a method which quickly gets to the heart of your weight issues…

‘The key difference between mainstream coaching models and spiritual coaching is that the latter focuses on the inner workings of your mind, body and soul, instead of external factors. Spiritual coaching helps you to become aware and in alignment with your higher self – the source aspect of who you really are. By doing so, you become whole again and gain access to an enormous power that lay dormant inside of you. The result being that you can then achieve anything you want in life, including a healthy weight.’

In most cases, one or two sessions are sufficient in order to remove any blocks which may be preventing you from achieving a healthy weight. Although not essential, it is preferable that you have read ‘Why You Are Really Fat – It’s Time To Wake Up,’ before commencing any one-on-one coaching with Robert or any Holistic Health & Fitness coach. Robert is available for coaching, in person at restricted times in Melbourne or Sydney. Email and phone coaching are also available. Coaching rates vary, but are typically priced at $90 for 60min, $80 for 45min or $60 for 30min. You can purchase a 3 x 1 hr coaching pack for the special price of $220 (save $50).

For more information on costs and how to book, please send an email to